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Smart messengers
for educational institutions

Donut is a new conceptual mobile attendance and SMS service
that can send real-time notices including attendance info, free
SMS, photos, and documents to all parents that use smart
phones. Now, improve the value of your educational institution
by using Donut. It is really easy and convenient to use.

Donut is a mobile messenger for educational institutions that can improve communication between teachers and parents. The Committee of National Complement Education Association in KAOH (Korea Association of Hakwon) has officially certified the mobile messenger. The service reflects various opinions from those in the field of education to unify and promote the path of communication between educational institutions (school/private education institute) and parents.

Let us introduce you to the exclusive messenger for parents called Donut.

From your children’s private education center, you can receive real-time notices including attendance, etc. anytime and anywhere.

There is no need to print alert windows or access the homepage. Simply check your messenger. In addition, in one-to-one chat sessions with teachers, you can provide input for your children’s lives at the private education center or also subscribe to education data published for the school year. Parents can use it for free without going through complex registration procedures. If you want to use it, then ask the private education center.


Functional summary

  1. 1) Convenient to check children’s attendance: Check children’s attendance at each class along with push notices.
  2. 2) Private education institute and instructions automatically registered: After installation, the status of the lecture at the school that uses Donut services will be automatically registered without going through additional procedures.
  3. 3) Principal, instructor for one to one chatting, call switching function: If you have an inquiry about notices or attendance notices, then switch to Donut message (free) or calls.
  4. 4) Photo and document attachment: Real-time transmission of attached photo (JPEG image) or Hangul/Word to individual, class, or entire member notices.
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