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Embedded Solution

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Embedded M2M Solution means a computer system that only performs one or two limited functions. In an embedded device, a processor such as a Microcontroller or DSP (Digital Signal Processor) can be implemented. Here, Windows CE, Linux, or Android OS is installed and a specific application that runs a specific function is run.

Embedded Device

  • Mobile Device
  • Medical Device
  • Automotive
  • Satellite
  • Set-top Box
    Smart TV
  • Gaming
  • Server
  • ETC

Nowadays, embedded device products are used in various industrial fields such as mobile devices, medical devices, automotive devices, and others. In the past, the main platform for embedded devices was Windows CE, but now Linux & Android are more popular.

Embedded devices must run reliably for a long time without generating errors. Cliensoft has developed embedded devices for the Linux/Android platforms, supported their mass production, and received verification of development ability.

When you develop devices, the total embedded solutions from Cleinsoft Inc. range from board bring-up to Kernel Porting, Driver Porting, Middleware Porting, and application development will be the best choice for you.

Cleinsoft’s Embedded Solutions are configured as follows.


  • - BSP
    • Board / Support / Package
    • Linux kernel porting
    • Hardware driver porting
  • - Support for middleware porting
  • - Development of application
    • Linux / Android / iOS Application
  • - Quality assurance

Embedded Device Specifications

  • - H/W
    • CPU (ARM CPU) / Micro Controller
    • EMMC (Nand flash)
    • Memory (Dram)
    • LCD (if necessary, including the touch sensor.)
    • Switch / Button
    • Speaker / Buzzer
    • External I/F (USB / HDMI / etc)
  • - OS
    • RTOS
    • Linux
    • Android
    • Application

Main customers

  • - Woongjin Think Big
  • - StoryBeam2 Smart Beam Projector development/mass production support
  • - SKT
  • - Smart Wireless Speaker