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Service Application Solution

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Our service application solution provides various information widget service like news, weather, and finance, and multimedia channel aggregation for internet radio, videos stream channels, and social applications like Facebook and Twitter based on open source technology.

Service benefits

  • - Operator can provides the same service information and UX in different types of devices, OS, platforms, and network platforms.
  • - Our technology is based on open source, meaning that it’s compatible with web based protocols like XML over HTTP. It gives device manufacturers or developers excellent opportunities and easier environment to develop service applications.
  • - It gives a chance to discover new services through various service mash-ups.
  • - Complicated operation (e.g. complex JavaScript) can be run on the server side, so that device software can focus on being used as a lightweight run-time resource, GUI, UX speed, etc.

Internet Application Technology CLEINSOFT

  • - The same protocol is used for devices from different types of various original sources
  • - Scalable server expansion without service stop
  • - HA (High Availability) based Server development and operation

Information Contents Providers

  • Weather Info.
  • Personal
  • News
  • Finance Data

Multimedia Contents Providers

  • Internet Radio
  • On-Line
    Photo Service
  • Audio
  • Video

Social Network Service

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Gmail

Server Architecture

  • Database
  • Application Server
  • Media Server
  • Media Cache

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